Inactive Practitioners

To Become an Inactive Practitioner

  1. Request an inactive practitioner form from the Topeka office or copy the application from our web site at  Request Of Exemption For Inactive Practitioner.
  2. Fill out the Inactive Practitioner Request form and return it to Topeka office.
  3. Submit payment for any fees that have not been paid.
NOTE:  Putting your license in an inactive practitioner (IP) status does not eliminate or reduce the renewal fees but simply drops the continuing education requirements.
RESTRICTIONS AS AN INACTIVE PRACTITIONER: As an inactive practitioner you are unable to use your license(s) on an active basis, therefore prohibiting any embalming or funeral directing.

To Become Reinstated

  1. Request for a reinstatement form from the Topeka office or copy the application from our web site at  Reinstatement of Inactive Practitioners.
  2. Fill out the reinstatement form and return it to our Topeka office.
  3. Once you have filed the reinstatement application with the Board, you will have one year to acquire the number of continuing education hours lacking.
  4. Failure to acquire the hours within the one year time frame will result in your license(s) being automatically returned to inactive status.

Disability or Illness Exemptions

1. Request disability or illness form from the Topeka office or copy the application from our 
2. Fill out the form and return it to the Topeka office. 
3. Request must be signed by a Physician. 
4. Upon approval, the board may waive the continuing education requirements until fit to work again.

RESTRICTIONS FOR DISABILITY OR ILLNESS EXEMPTIONS: Exemptions for Disability or Illness will prohibit the use of all licenses (same as the inactive practitioner).

Maximum time to be on disability or illness status--24 months. After 24 months, you automatically become an inactive practitioner.