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Newspaper Obituary Costs

Last Updated On: Apr 06, 2021  |  Originally Published On:  Mar 09, 2015
Newspaper Obituary Costs 

Funeral Homes--Please be sure to let families know up front what newspapers are charging for publishing obituaries.  If possible, it would be nice to be able to tell families up front/prior to publication what the cost to publish an obituary will be.  I received an email from an individual who was informed, after the fact, of a charge for publishing a large obituary that was much more expensive than they had imagined.  If the family would have known up front what the charge was going to be, then they could have made a decision to either exclude some information or perhaps not to have run the obituary at all.  One Kansas funeral home uses a computer generated form for preparing obituaries.  After struggling with the confusion of which newspapers charge vs. those that do not charge, the funeral home added the following in large font and bold letters for their families not wanting to spend money for a newspaper obituary:

Please Publish This Obituary In the Format In Which Your Newsletter Offers Free Of Charge!

If anyone has any other suggestions or methods currently being used regarding  the ability to inform families of newspaper obituary costs, please let us know--so we can share with everyone.  Thank you for your assistance and willingness to contribute!

Thank you to Reuben Feuerborn for sharing this information with us, so we could share it with you.