The following is a list of all individuals that are involved in an apprenticeship: (20)

* indicates Apprentice Funeral Director only apprenticeship being served
**indicates Apprentice Embalmer only apprenticeship being served

Apprentice Name Scheduled Apprenticeship Completion Date Supervising Licensee(s) Funeral Home Name and City
Dickerson, Lindsay M. August 30, 2019 Mark S. Hansen (fd), Resthaven Mortuary, Wichita, Kansas. Autry J. Edwards (emb), Resthaven Mortuary, Wichita, Kansas
Dorman, Jason W. December 7, 2018 Bryan R. Becker (emb/fd), Becker-Dyer-Stanton Funeral Home, Atchison, Kansas
Gorrell, Perry Evan June 19, 2019 William F. Stack (emb/fd), Maple Hill Funeral Home, Kansas City, Kansas
Joplin, Maria D.*  August 14, 2019 Michael R. Ast (fd), Wulf-Ast Mortuary, Garden Plains, Kansas
Keimig, Michaela R. February 6, 2019 Collin M. Crawford (emb), Thomas R. Elliott (fd), Elliott Mortuary
Means, Kaycie D. August 13, 2019 Christopher Strohmeyer (emb/fd) Reflection Pointe Funeral & Cremations, Wichita, Kansas
Mitchell, Megan K. June 28, 2019 Mark S. Hansen(emb/fd), Resthaven Mortuary, Wichita, Kansas
Ortega, Jena A.* July 25, 2019 Heidi M. Greve (fd), Penwell-Gabel Cremations, Funerals & Receptions
Ortega, Jena A.**
October 25, 2019
Brandi R. McKenzie (emb), Penwell-Gabel Cremations, Funerals & Receptions
Ratliff, Mathew A. April 3, 2019 Kathleen Gilbert (emb/fd), Irvin-Parkview Funeral Home & Crematory, Manhattan, Kansas
Roush, Erin W. July 23, 2019 Jamee Scott (emb/fd), Miles Funeral Service, Winfield, Kansas
Ryan, Sean O.** September 7, 2019 Luke L. Ryan (emb), Ryan Mortuary, Salina, Kansas
Schraad, Taylor K. July 16, 2019 Lane A. Jones (emb/fd), Jones Funeral Home, Burlington, Kansas
Shipps, Jessica M.* June 11, 2019 Phillip F. Ziegler (fd),  Ziegler Funeral Chapel, Dodge City, Kansas
Shipps, Jessica M.** September 20, 2019 Phillip F. Ziegler (emb), Ziegler Funeral Chapel, Dodge City, Kansas
Stanley, James R.* September 7, 2019 Todd C. Schneider (fd), Schneider Funeral Home & Crematory, Pleasanton, Kansas
Treto, Kailee E.**  September 18, 2019 Clinton W. Headley (emb), Headley Funeral Chapel, Augusta, Kansas
VanArsdale, Whitney K. March 16, 2019 Jeffery J. Bowker, (emb/fd), Highland Park Funeral Home & Crematory, Kansas City, Kansas