Proposed Regulation

Notice of Public Hearing for Proposed Regulation K.A.R. 63-5-3
K.A.R. 63-5-3 Economic Impact Statement
Proposed Regulation KAR 63-5-3


Proposed Regulation K.A.R. 63-5-3 is a result of Senate Substitute for Senate Substitute for House Bill 2386 from the 2018 Kansas Legislative Session.

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Other Regulations and Statutes

Regulation/Statute Summary
K.S.A. 17-1305 Regarding Private Burying Grounds; Control by county clerk; Actions for Damages.
K.S.A. 65-1734 The statute regarding Legal Next-of-Kin for purposes of disposition.  Keeping a copy in the arrangement room is a good idea.
K.S.A. 58-629
Regarding the durable power of attorney for health care decisions
K.S.A. 48-3401 through K.S.A 48-3405
 Regarding Licensees in military service
K.A.R. 63-1-6, 63-4-1, 63-6-2, 63-6-2,63-6-3,63-7-1,63-7-2,63-7-6,63-7-7,63-7-9,63-7-10,63-7-11
 Regulations relating to cremation and the licensure of crematory operators