2018 International Convention & Expo Educational Sessions

  • Dates:
    October 14, 2018 8:00 AM - October 17, 2018 7:00 PM
The Vernie Fountain Files: Embalming Restoration and Death Investigation, 4 hours
Google It! Making the Most of Your Online Presence, 1 hour
Going Beyond Facebook: Using Digital Marketing to Grow Online, 1 hour
Asian Culture in Cremation and Funerals, 1 hour
Be the Best Crematory Operator in Your Community, 1.5 hours
Treating Difficult Institutionalized Medical Cases, 1 hour
Why Youth and Funerals Matter, 1 hour
Funeral Financing and Payment Strategies for Your Families, 1 hour
50 Card, 50 Questions, 1 hour
Active Shooter Preparedness Training, 2 hours
Cemeteries Are Dying: A Bold Response, 1 hour
Award-winning customer Service and Community Outreach, 1 hour
POAs, Wills and Trusts...Oh My!, 1 hour
Are You Building Partners to Bring Have the Talk of a Lifetime to Life in Your Community?, 1 hour
Voices of Grief-A film based approach to community outreach, 1.5 hours
FTC Funeral Rule: Reducing Your Risk, 1 hour
Supporting Families After an Overdose Death, 1 hour
Family Search-Finding Your Roots, 1 hour
The Relevance of Restorative Art, 1.5 hour
Social Media Success Stories, 2 hours
Master Personalization Through Storytelling and Event Design, 2 hours
Opening Session: Remarks by Former First Lady Laura Bush, 1 hour
How End-of-Life Doulas are Changing the Face of Dying, 1 hour
After Suicide...Helping the Bereaved, 1 hour
Did You Know You Are a Storyteller?, 2 hours
Create Lasting Memories: Perfecting the Final Touches, 2 hours
Is It Sexual harassment?, 1.5 hours
Recognizing Substance Abuse in the Workplace, 1 hour
Cremation Success in a Small to Medium Market, 1 hour
Going Home: The Resurgence of Home Funerals, 1 hour
RSVP: I'll See You at My Living Funeral, 1 hour
Serving the Family of a Perpetrator, 1 hour
How to Reverse an Overdose with NARCAN, 1.5 hours
Restoration and Repair Trauma Cases, 1 hour
Asked and Answered: Today's Consumer Preferences, 1 hour
Advocacy: How to Speak Up for Yourself and our Profession, 1 hour
Lingering Liability: Inside the Cemetery, 1 hour
Every Life Deserves a Tribute, 1 hour
Leadership in Times of Crisis, 1 hour
2018 NFDA International Convention EXPO, 1 hour

Contact: Jackie Ellis, NFDA Education Specialist
National Funeral Directors Association
13625 Bishop's Drive
Brookfield, Wisconsin 53005
Phone: (800) 228-6332

To register: NFDA Member Service Representative at 1-800-228-6332, or go to the website.