Continuing Education Approval Standards

63-6-2. Standards for Approval

(a) A continuing education course or workshop shall be qualified for approval if the board determines that the course or workshop meets the following conditions:

(1)   Constitutes an organized program of learning, including a symposium, that contributes directly to the professional competency of the licensee;
(2)    is related to the profession of mortuary science, funeral directing or embalming with content intended to enhance the licensee's knowledge, skill, values, ethics, or ability to practice as an embalmer or funeral director;
(3)    is conducted by individuals considered experts in the subject matter of the program by reason of education, training or experience; and
(4)    is accompanied by a paper, a manual or written outline that substantially describes the subject matter and length of the program.

(b)   Continuing education credit not exceeding three credit-hours of the annual total required hours may be approved by the board for any of the following:

(1)   Correspondence work;
(2)   video, sound-recorded, or television programs;
(3)   information transmitted by other similar means as authorized by the board; or
(4)   community service programs that are related to the profession of mortuary science, funeral directing or embalming.

(c)   Continuing education credit for service as a lecturer, presenter or discussion leader may be approved by the board if this activity contributes to the professional competence of the applicant. Repetitions of an initial presentation shall not be counted. Not more than 50 percent of total required hours may be satisfied in this manner.

(d)   The maximum number of credit hours that shall be granted for any single continuing education course or workshop single topic is six.

(e)   Lists of approved continuing education programs shall be furnished periodically by the board to licensed funeral establishments and to requesting licensees not employed by a licensed Kansas funeral establishment or branch establishment.

(f)    A person, licensed embalmer, licensed funeral director, or organization requesting approval for a continuing education course or a workshop shall make application at least 30 days before the date of each proposed course or workshop. Applications filed but not meeting this deadline shall be reviewed by the board or the continuing education committee at its next regularly scheduled meeting.

63-6-3. Post Approval and Review

(a) Each licensed embalmer or funeral director seeking continuing education credit for prior attendance or participation in a program or activity that has not already been approved shall submit, on forms provided by the board, the following information to the board:

(1)   The dates;
(2)   the subject matter;
(3)   the names of the instructors and their qualifications, if applicable;
(4)   a description of the program or activity; and
(5)   the number of credit hours requested.

A complete written outline describing the subject matter or activity and time of the program shall accompany all requests. Within 90 days after receipt of the application, the licensee seeking credit shall be advised by the board, in writing and by mail, whether the activity is approved and the number of credit hours allowed. Any licensee may be denied credit if the licensee fails to comply with the requirements of this subsection.

(b) Review of programs. Any continuing education program already approved by the board may be monitored or reviewed by the board.  Upon evidence of variation in the program presented from the program approved, all or any part of the program may be disapproved.

PLEASE NOTE: Some programs may be very beneficial from a business standpoint. Continuing Education was established as an attempt to maintain and better the professional competency of licensees in serving the needs of Kansas consumers.