Home-Study/Correspondence Continuing Education Programs

The following programs are all of the correspondence and home study variety, and they have been approved for continuing education credit for Kansas licensed embalmers and funeral directors. The maximum Kansas credit allowed for any single correspondence or home study program is three (3) hours. Licensees cannot accumulate more than six (6) hours of credit for programs of this nature during any single two-year licensing renewal period.  (Please check with sponsors for availability)

Programs that have also been approved for continuing education credit for Crematory Operators will be marked by green highlights. 

  • All Star Professional Training

    They are sponsored by All Star Professional Training, 11851 Dallas Parkway, Suite 600, Addison, TX 75001.  For additional information, please contact:  John Mason (817) 385-1136 or by email: allstar@allstarce.com Their website is: https://allstarce.com/courses-offered/kansas/funeral/
    All programs approved for three (3) hours
    Funeral Services  
    Mortuary Science
    Renewal for Kansas Funeral Directors/Embalmers
    Three (3) hours credit each: Types of Funerals
  • APEX Continuing Education Solutions

    The following home study programs have been approved as listed for each. They are sponsored by APEX Continuing Education Solutions. For additional information contact: APEX at 1-(800) 769-8996.  Email: INFO@APEXCES.COM.  Website: https://www.apexces.com/funeral-ce-continuing-education/kansas/76

    Three (3) hours credit each:

    Are You Stressed? Signs and Solutions
    FTC Funeral Rule
    Funeral Rituals and Mental Health
    Infant Embalming Techniques
    OSHA Essentials
    Restoration of a Tissue Donor
    The Funeral Director and Organ & Tissue Donation
    Understanding Grief
    Working With Difficult People
    Preneed Planning: What Every Funeral Director Should Know

    Two (2) hours credit each:

    Funeral Service Ethics
    Green Burial 101
    Telephone Inquiry Manual for Funeral Homes
    Understanding HIV and AIDS
    After Suicide: How to Support Survivors of the Loss

    One (1) hour credit each:

    A Brief History of Burial & Preservation Practices
    Creative Marketing for Funeral Homes
  • Cape School, Inc.

    Cape School, Inc. is now offering two programs.  Each has been approved for three (3) hours of on-line continuing education for Kansas licensees. You may call at (434) 969-3000, fax: (434) 969-4391, email:  Gina Woodring or go to their website @: www.capeschool.com 

    HIV/AIDS - How Far Have We Really Come?
    Undertaking Ethical Issues in Funeral Home Services
  • C.O.E. Continuing Education

    C.O.E. Continuing Education is sponsoring homestudy internet courses for Kansas licensees.  To register contact C.O.E. Continuing Education at 1-(800) 795-3004 or write to CEO at P.O. Box 35606, Fayetteville, NC  28303-5606.   Click http://www.coecontinuingeducation.com/ to go directly to their website. Their approved programs are :

    Two (2) hours each:
    Practice of Embalmers

    Three (3) hours each:
    Funeral and Religion Customs
    Funeral Counseling
    HIV/AIDS and Sanitation

    The following  on-line home study courses are being sponsored by Webce, Jayci Genson, Submissions Specialist,12222 Merit Drive, Ste. 500, Dallas, TX  75251.  To register contact: Customer Service at 877-48-9308, email: customerservice@webce.com website: www.webce.com.

    Three (3) hours credit:

    • Bloodborne Pathogens
    • Conflict Resolution for Funeral Directors
    • Cremation Best Practices
    • Final Expense Insurance
    • Intercultural Burials
    • Managing Grief - A Guide for the Funeral Professional
    • OSHA Practices Standards for Funeral Professionals
    • OSHA Workplace Rights
    • Pre-Need Planning
    • Public Speaking For Funeral Directors
    • Understanding Social Security: Case Studies for Funeral Directors
    • Working Ethically with Seniors
    • Funeral Personalization and Family Engagement
    • Funeral Operations During a Pandemic

    Two (2) hours credit:

    • Death Care Trends That Are Changing Tradition
    • Ethical Business Practices for Funeral Directors
    • Communicating Effectively with Seniors
    • Funeral Customs With Military Honors
    • High Risk Direct Disposal: Lessons Learned from Ebola Outbreak
    • When Disaster Strikes: Mass Fatalities and Community Impact
    • Top Five Things They Didn't Teach in Mortuary School
    • OSHA Emergency Action Plans for Funeral Homes
    • Cremation Prearrangement Conference Best Practices
  • FuneralContinuingEducation.com

    FuneralContinuingEducation.com has the following homestudy/correspondence programs approved as listed for continuing education for Kansas licensees. To register call Education Workers Group at (718) 701-0385 or http://www.funeralcontinuingeducation.com/

    One (1) hr:
    Helping Parents Cope with Unexpected Death
    Helping Parents Help Children Cope With Death
    Understanding Modern Funeral Customs
    Understanding Hospice and Palliative Care
    When Children Die: Guidance for the Final Arrangements
    Upselling Without Upsetting the Client

    Two (2) hrs:
    Limiting Exposure HIV/AIDS
    Complying with the FTC Rule
    OSHA Compliance for Funeral Homes
    Funeral Products and the Environment
    The Sociology of Death Added
    Prenatal Bereavement and Memorialization
    Working with the Cemetery 

    Three (3) hrs:
    Burial With Military Honors
    Ethics, Attitude & Customer Service
    Funerary Ethics and Best Practices
    Restorative Art and Modern Techniques  
  • FuneralDirectorCEUs.com

    FuneralDirectorCEUs.com has available these  on-line study programs, and each  has been approved for three (3) hours credit each for Kansas licensees. They are sponsored by funeraldirectorceus.com. Their mailing address is: Funeraldirectorceus.com, Box 8723, Victoria, BC  V8W353 Canada.  The link is: www.funeraldirectorceus.com

    Growth for Goals: Charting your Dream: Realizing Your Passion
    Social Media and Funeral Service: Making Sense of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
    Telephone Etiquette & Best Practices for Funeral Homes
    Understanding Google: The External and Internal Effects on Your Funeral Home
  • Funeral Service Academy

    The following  on-line home study courses are being sponsored by the Funeral Service Academy, Amy E. Harmon, Assistant Director of Education, P.O. Box 449, Pewaukee, WI 53072-0449.   Contact information: phone: 888-909-5906; email: support@funeralcourse.com
    registration webpage:  www.funeralcourse.com

    One (1) hour credit:
    Communicable Disease and Funeral Professions
    Embalming- Autopsies & Organ/Tissue Donors
    Funeral Home Safety Overview
    Grief and Cultural Competence: The African American Diaspora
    Grief and Cultural Competence: Hispanic Traditions
    Grief and Cultural Competence: Jewish Traditions

    Two (2) hours credit:

    Safety within Funeral Homes

    Children and Grief

    Funeral Pre Planning: An Overview

    Three (3) hours credit:
    Complying with the Federal Trade Commission Funeral Rule
    Embalming-Diseases & Conditions
    OSHA Compliance Guidance for Funeral Homes (Part One)
    OSHA Compliance Guidance for Funeral Homes (Part Two)
    Grief Management: An Overview for Funeral Professionals
    Today's Funerals: What's New?
    Funeral Service Ethics

  • Hospice Foundation of America

    The following on-line study programs have been approved for Kansas licensees. They are sponsored by Hospice Foundation of America.   The online courses are available on the Hospice Education Network' s educational website. Their mailing address is: Hospice Foundation of America, 1707 L. Street NW, Suite 220, Washington, DC 20036.  To reach them by phone (800)-854-3402 or website https://hospicefoundation.org/Shop-HFA

    Approved for one (1) hour:
    Caregiving and Loss Family Needs, Professional Responses
    Coping With Public Tragedy
    Living with Grief: Before and After Death
    Living with Grief: After Sudden Loss
    Living with Grief: Alzheimer's Disease
    Living with Grief: At Work, At School, At Worship
    Living with Grief: Ethical Dilemmas at the End of Life
    Living with Grief: Loss Later in Life
    Living with Grief: When Illness is Prolonged
    Living with Grief: Who We Are, How We Grieve

    Approved for three (3) hours:
    Living with Grief: Children and Adolescents.
    Diversity and End-of-Life Care

  • Kansas Funeral Directors Association

    Expanding Funeral Ethics - has been approved for three (3) hours credit.

    National Incident Management System -has been approved for three (3) hours credit.

    A Place to Go: Why Ceremonies Matter and Accessing Grief and Loss in the Mental Health and Addictions Community- each program has been approved for one (1) hour

    Funerals and Facebook- has been approved for one (1) hour

    Exceeding Expectations: Creative Approach for Cremation Families - has been approved for one (1) hour

    Most Common Violations of Embalming Standards of Care and How to Avoid Them - has been approved for one (1) hour

    Contact: Teresa Keating

    Phone: (785) 232-7789



  • Practicum Strategies

    The following correspondence courses have been approved for three (3) hours each. For more information contact: Richard Santore, c/o Practicum Strategies, P.O. Box 1089,  8 Lenore Ct., Hammonton, NJ 08037, 1-(800) 731-4714 or fax 1-800 591-6391 or click here: www.practicumstrategies.com

    A Review of Basic Embalming Procedures
    Business Morals and Ethics and The Funeral Director
    Complying with the Funeral Rule
    Coping With Stress As A Funeral Director
    CREMATION: The Concept, The Client, The Caring
    CREMATION: The Process
    CREMATION: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow   Added 1/6/2014

    Dealing with Communicable Diseases & AIDS
    Embalming Chemistry
    Employee Recruitment and Retention in Funeral Service
    Ethics for Funeral Directors
    Everyday Ethics in Funeral Service
    Funeral Profession and Consumer Behavior
    Funeral Values - The Year 2000 and Beyond
    Grief 101 for Funeral Directors
    Hazardous Chemicals/Toxic Substances
    How Do We Tell The Children?
    Intermediate Marketing for Funeral Directors
    Introduction To Accounting for the Funeral Director
    Job Burnout in Funeral Service
    Living with the FTC's Funeral Rule
    Managing Stress in Funeral Service
    Marketing 101 for Funeral Directors: Why Everything You Know About Marketing Won't Work For Your Business; And Why It's Not Your Fault
    Moral Dilemmas Facing the Funeral Profession
    Motivation and Coaching For the Successful Funeral Director
    OSHA for Small Business
    OSHA: A Practical Guide for Funeral Service Professionals
    Power Communication for Funeral Professionals
    Preneed Funeral Planning A Basic Course for the Funeral Prof.
    Pre-Planning For Funeral Home Business Interruptions
    Professional Communications with Client Families, Part 1
    Professional Ethics in a Changing Environment
    Sacred/Sensitive.....and Sane
    Stress and the Funeral Home Environment
    The Vanguard of Competition for the Funeral Profession
    Understanding & Completing the Certificate of Death
    Universal  Precautions: A Review for Embalmers & Funeral Directors

  • Thanos Institute

    The following Independent Study Correspondence Courses are provided by the Thanos Institute. For more information contact: Mary E. Rizzo, c/o Thanos Institute, P.O. Box 1928, Buffalo, New York, 14231-1928, 1-800-742-8257.  Email is: mrizzo@thanosinstitute.com   Website is: www.thanosinstitute.com

    All programs have been approved for three (3) hours credit:

    A Student Dies, A School Mourns..Are You Prepared?
    Bereavement and the Funeral Director
    Ethics In Funeral Service
    Forensic Pathology for Funeral Directors
    Grief Counseling for the Funeral Director
    Management Skills for Funeral Directors
    Organ, Tissue Donation and the Funeral Director
    OSHA Compliance and FTC Rules
    Restorative Art & Cosmetology
    Unexpected, Traumatic Death and the Funeral Director

  • CANA'S Online Crematory Operations Certification Program

    Approved for three (3) continuing education hours (for all licensees including crematory operators.)

    Please note that this program may not be submitted to satisfy a part of the six (6) hour certification requirement for crematory operators (which must be earned within the first year of licensure.)

    Contact: Jennifer Head,  Education Director
    Cremation Association of North America
    499 Northgate Parkway
    Wheeling, IL  60090-2646
    Phone: (312) 245-1077
    Register online here:
  • funeral-smart.com

    Contact Information: website
    Email: info@funeral-smart.com

    Approved Programs (all approved for three hours for Kansas embalmers-funeral directors):
    "Business Identity",
    "Can't Fake Authenticity",
    "Habits of Effective Embalmers",
    "The Shopper",
    "World Religions", and
    "Religious Neutrality".
  • Cremation Association of North America Webinar

    Approved Programs

    CE Hours

    Cremation Arrangement Conference Best Practices


    Phone Shoppers: Your Best First Impression


    Cremation & the Environment Online Course


    Contact: Jennifer Head, Education Director
    Cremation Association of North America
    499 Northgate Parkway
    Wheeling, Illinois 60090
    Phone: (312) 245-1077
  • 2021 NFDA Home Study

    Please remember although they offer additional courses, only programs listed below have been approved for Kansas licensees.


    Home Study Courses-format, and approved hours:

    Bereavement Groups and The Role of Social Support, Book, approved for 6 hours.
    Control the conversation: How to Charm, Deflect and Defend Your Position Through Any Line of Questioning , Book, approved for 4 hours.
    Embalming and Renal Failure: A Silent Danger for Embalmers, Book, approved for 4 hours.
    Embalming Standards of Care. Book, approved for 6 hours.
    Essential HR Handbook-A-Quick and Handy Resource for Any manager or HR Professional, approved for 4 hours.
    2020 Annual All-Staff FTC Training, Book, approved for 3 hours.
    Aftercare: Strengthen Your Families and Business, Audio, approved for 2 hours.
    Bringing Ritual to Cremation Arranging, Audio, approved for 2 hours.
    Connecting with the LGBTQ Community, approved for 2 hours.
    Cremation Litigation: How to Avoid the Courtroom & What to do When You Can’t, approved for 2 hours.
    Defusing Conflict in the Arrangement Conference, approved for 2 hours.
    Five Keys to Cremation Success, Audio, approved for 2 hours.
    Funeral Rule Update, approved for 2 hours.
    Is It Sexual Harassment, Audio, approved for 3 hours.
    It’s Not Just a Cremation, approved for 2 hours.
    Lessons Learned from Mystery Shoppers, approved for 2 hours.
    Therapy Dogs: Mans Best Friend, approved for 2 hours.
    Understanding Legal Issues in the Arrangement Conference, Audio, approved for 2 hours.

    2021 Online Learning Program list

    To Register Contact: NFDA Member Service Representative at 1(800) 228-6332 or go to www.nfda.org

    Program has been approved for five (5) hours of continuing education for licensed embalmers and funeral directors of the Kansas State Board of Mortuary Arts.

    To Register Contact: https://www.mkjmarketing.com/seminars/