Filing A Complaint with the Board

NOTE: Please read all of the information below before completing your "Affidavit and Complaint" form.

Complaint Application

To submit a complaint with the Board you must submit a “Affidavit and Complaint” form (see link above).  It may be necessary to contact you for verification of information during our investigation, so if you are not reachable by phone during the day please include a evening phone number and the best times for you to receive a phone call.

When you submit your complaint please include all relevant information so the Board and thoroughly investigate your complaint.  Some examples of helpful information include: a copy of the death certificate, a copy of the obituary that indicates the print date and name of the newspaper, any information provided by the funeral home which includes billing statements, authorization to embalm, etc.

The filing of a complaint does not exempt the consumer from paying an outstanding bill with a funeral home. Failure to pay any money owed by the set payment deadline may result in interest being accrued. The filing of a complaint has no affect on a payment deadline.

The Complaint Process

Step 1) We receive your “Affidavit and Complaint” in our office.
Step 2) You are notified that your complaint information has been received by our office.
Step 3) Our staff conducts an investigation and produces an  Investigative Report.
Step 4) The Board's Investigative Committee reviews the Investigative Report to determine if any possible violations of the Kansas Law have occurred and will take appropriate action.

If possible violations are indicated, then depending on the violations, a hearing with the licensee may be scheduled with the Hearing Panel of the Board–based on the provisions of the Kansas Administrative Procedure Act.  There is a possibility that you and other parties will need to appear at the hearing, but this is not always the case.  You will be given ample advance warning should your presence at the hearing be warranted.

You will be notified after your complaint has been investigated and reviewed by the Investigative Committee.  There is no set amount of time from start to finish with the complaint process.  We ask for your patience and assistance in allowing our agency to protect the health and welfare of all consumers who utilize the services and merchandise of Kansas funeral homes to the very best of our ability.

The Board's Authority

The Board has the legal authority to revoke, suspend or censor the licenses that they regulate.

The Board has the regulatory authority to determine the manner in which funeral home pricing structures are displayed and distributed. The Board does not have the legal authority to set the pricing  for individual funeral services or merchandise.

The filing of a complaint with our office has nothing to do with paying an outstanding bill owed to a funeral home. Failure to pay money due to a funeral home by a set deadline can result in interest being added to any outstanding balance.  The filing of a complaint with our office has no effect in delaying this process.

Complaints dealing strictly with overcharging or issues involving cemeteries should be filed with the Consumer Protection Division of the Kansas Attorney General's office as the Board does not have authority over those issues.