Pre-Registered Students

The following is a list of all individuals that have pre-registered with the board.  Please note that the status as a pre-registered student pertains only to students currently enrolled and participating in a practicum program at a mortuary college approved by the Kansas Board. Once the practicum program is completed, status as a pre-registered student embalmer ceases to exist.

Adrienne, Celli KCKCC August 2019
Bachle, Brandon KCKCC December 2020
Bolvanz, Holly T.
Arapahoe Community College
Danner, Mariah KCKCC January 2017
Daubendiek, Heidi KCKCC August 2019
Derritt, Nathan D. KCKCC August 2019
Gorrell, Perry E. KCKCC August 2019
Graber, Delaney S.  University of Central Oklahoma May 2019
Griess, Hayley KCKCC December 2020
Harris, Lindsey KCKCC  December 2020
Hitchcock, LaTosha W.  Arapahoe Community College August 2019
Jennings, Brianna M. KCKCC August 2019
Jensen, Matthew KCKCC August 2019
Joyce, Jade M. KCKCC August 2019
Kane, Zakiya KCKCC December 2020
Karber, Dominick
Arapahoe Community College undetermined
Karns, Christopher W. Pittsburgh Institute of Funeral Service June 2019
Lane, Jennifer KCKCC May 2020
Lee, Angela KCKCC December 2020
Means, Kaycie KCKCC August 2019
Nutz, Jacob C. KCKCC December 2020
Olander, Ian KCKCC August 2019
Ortega, Jena A. KCKCC August 2019
Peters, Riley KCKCC August 2019
Powell, Elizabeth KCKCC December 2020
Rathman, Hannah KCKCC  August 2019
Reynolds, Meagan Kansas City Kansas Community College August 2019
Roberts, Tammara A. Des Moines Area Community College October 2018
Roush, Erin KCKCC August 2019
Sanders, Bree  KCKCC August 2019
Schutt, Tate KCKCC August 2019
Smith, Courtney KCKCC December 2020
Treto, Kailee E. Arapahoe Community College August 2018
Uthe, Zach KCKCC August 2019
Vance, Rowdy Lee KCKCC August 2019
Watson-Jaquis, Bethany M. KCKCC August 2019